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1  GPRS & Internet Spot / GPRS Tricks For All Providers / !!!Good News!!! BSNL FREE GPRS ! ! ! on: November 10, 2009, 12:35:18 pm
Good news for BSNL users

Hello Frnds There is a new BSNL trick for free GPRS,, so lets begin :

1. First of all get the opera mini mod (i will mail you on your request if you don't have don't worry 4 it)...

2. Make the portal settings as your default settings...

3. Now open opera mini mod, in the front query type it......

4.No balance deduction (but I'll suggest to use this on low balance like Rs.5...)
2  Tips & Tricks / Operating Systems / Here is a cool technique which hides entire hard disk drives by a simple procedu on: November 08, 2009, 10:52:08 am
1) Go to Start > Run > type "diskpart".
A DOS window will appear

2) Then type "list volume"
you will be shown the list of your all partions that you got

3) Suppose you want to hide drive E then type "select volume 3"
Then a message will appear in same window { Volume 3 is the selected volume}

4) Now type "remove letter E"
Now a message will come { Diskpart Removed the Drive letter }

sometime it requires to reboot the computer.
Diskpart will remove the letter.

Windows XP is not having capabilty to identify the unknown volume.
Your Data is now safe from unauthorised users.

To access the content of hidden Drive repeat the process mentioned above. But in 4th step replace " remove" by "assign".
It means type "assign letter E".
3  GPRS & Internet Spot / GPRS Tricks For All Providers / Another trick for Riliance on: November 03, 2009, 11:58:16 am
Go to reliance homepage by ur default web browser..
to read further you have to Register and download below attachment and njoy free RIM GPRS HURRY

Recommended to use at low balance 30p
4  GPRS & Internet Spot / GPRS Tricks For All Providers / Which SIM card you use? on: October 31, 2009, 12:28:29 pm
This will help us to make effort to find tricks 4 users
5  GPRS & Internet Spot / GPRS Tricks For All Providers / Airtel Free GPRS,Mobile Office 100% Working trick on: October 31, 2009, 12:16:24 pm
This Airtel Free GPRS Trick can work in Areas where any ***Daily Deduction*** Plan is Available

Trick steps:-
1} Make your balance just above rs 10 or 20 depends on which plan you want to activate
then activate GPRS by sending message of desired keyword for activating GPRS for your region.
2}You can obtain keyword by calling customer care. Now send the message . wait for sometime till you receive request conformation message.
3}Now wait for Charging notification message
Now Here Is the Main Trick
It says that your xx rs is cut but it is not as there is some quick snap time about 90 seconds till it gets deducted now here is the main thing just make a short 10 seconds call to your friend and disconnect it now your balance is less than 10 or 20 rs but your GPRS is in activated state as Airtel Balance cannot go below 0 for GPRS related services so enjoy this for full day with limits of 4mb or 8mb.

Note Dont recharge your account within 24 hours otherwise your balance will be deducted recharge only when you get deactivation or unable to activate or subscribe message.

4}When you shall get this message
then again follow the same procedure Daily as mentioned above to get Free GPRS .

New trick of 30 ps for 50 kb for all india
Tricks to enjoy this plan for free
1}Trick is working for kota
use this settings there on volume based plan as told by my friend net is working free for him and his friends
port blank or 8080 recommend sim with balance less than 30 paise
2}second trick
open your main browser with airtel live settings browse to the home page of airtel
Now in second browser go to any page using mobile office connection for free working fine at low balance here. Didn't try at high balance.

Last 2 tricks are working 4 some users just give yourself try you may b lucky
6  General Topics / TeleCom Info / List of Telecom Customer Care Numbers in India on: October 30, 2009, 10:44:25 pm
Airtel 98100-12345
MTNL 98681-12345
Idea 98910-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92100-08282
Vodafone 98110-98110

Andaman & Nicobar
Airtel 99330-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance 3033-3333
Andhra Pradesh Airtel 98490-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98480-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92460-08282
Vodafone 98850-98850

Airtel 99540-12345
Aircel 98540-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance (GSM) 98640-98640

Airtel 99340-12345
Aircel 98520-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance (GSM) 98350-98350
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92340-08282

Airtel 98980-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98240-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92270-08282
Vodafone 98250-98250

Airtel 98960-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98120-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92540-08282
Vodafone 98130-98130

Himachal Pradesh
Airtel 98160-12345
Aircel 98570-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98820-12345
Reliance (GSM) 98170-98170
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92180-08282

Jammu & Kashmir
Airtel 99060-12345
Aircel 98580-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom

Airtel 98450-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92430-08282
Spice 98440-98440
Vodafone 98860-98860

Airtel (1800) 98950-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98470-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92490-08282
Vodafone (BPL) 98460-98460

Madhya Pradesh
Airtel 98930-12345
& Chattisgarh BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98260-12345
Reliance (GSM) 98270-98270
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92290-08282

Maharashtra & Goa
Airtel – Rest of Maharashtra 98900-12345
Airtel – Mumbai 98920-12345
BPL – Mumbai 98210-99800
BSNL – Rest of Maharashtra 94000-24365
Idea – Mumbai 97020-12345
Idea – Rest of Maharashtra 98220-12345
MTNL – Mumbai 98690-12345
Reliance – Rest of Maharashtra 3033-3333
Reliance – Mumbai 3033-3333
Tata Indicom – Rest of Maharashtra 92250-08282
Tata Indicom – Mumbai 92200-08282
Vodafone – Rest of Maharashtra 98230-98230
Vodafone – Mumbai 98200-98200

North East
Airtel 98620-12345
Aircel 98560-98560
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance (GSM) 98630-98630

Airtel 99370-12345
Aircel 98530-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance (GSM) 98610-98610
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92380-08282
Vodafone 97760-97760

Airtel 98150-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92170-08282
Spice 98140-12345
Vodafone 98880-98880

Airtel 98290-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98870-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92140-08282
Vodafone 98280-98280

Tamil Nadu
Airtel – Rest of Tamil Nadu 98940-12345
Airtel – Chennai 98400-12345
Aircel – Rest of Tamil Nadu 98420-12345
Aircel – Chennai 98410-12345
BSNL – Rest of Tamil Nadu 94000-24365
BSNL – Chennai 94000-24365
Reliance – Rest of Tamil Nadu 3033-3333
Reliance – Chennai 3033-3333
Tata Indicom – Rest of Tamil Nadu 92400-08282
Tata Indicom – Chennai 92400-08282
Vodafone – Rest of Tamil Nadu 98430-98430
Vodafone – Chennai 98840-98840

Uttar Pradesh (E)
Airtel 99350-12345
BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98890-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92350-08282
Vodafone 98390-98390

Uttar Pradesh (W)
Airtel 98970-12345
& Uttarkhand BSNL 94000-24365
Idea 98370-12345
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom 92190-08282
Vodafone 97190-97190

West Bengal
Airtel – Kolkata 98310-12345
Airtel – Rest of Bengal 99330-12345
Aircel – Kolkata 98040-12345
Aircel – Rest of Bengal 98510-12345
BSNL – Kolkata 98830-98830
BSNL – Rest of Bengal 94000-24365
Reliance (GSM) – Kolkata 98830-98830
Reliance (GSM) – Rest of Bengal 98320-98320
Reliance 3033-3333
Tata Indicom – Kolkata 92310-08282
Tata Indicom – Rest of Bengal 92330-08282
Vodafone – Kolkata 98300-98300
Vodafone – Rest of Bengal 97320-97320
7  General Topics / TeleCom News / Airtel introduces pay-per-second plan on: October 30, 2009, 10:24:09 pm
Freedom Plan, In these Airtel customers will be charged one paise per second for all Local and STD calls to Airtel numbers and 1.20 paise per second for local and STD calls to other networks.

Some of the new operators, however, are offering pay per second tariff plan across networks.

The plan will be available initially only to pre-paid subscribers of Airtel, an Airtel statement said.

This will be one of the tariff plans besides others already existing.

"As the undisputed leader in the Indian telecom industry, we are committed to delighting our customers through superior network, great customer service and best value for money.

Today, our network covers 110 million customers, has 100,000 sites and is available across 4.25 lakh towns and villages in 1.5 million outlets," Atul Bindal, President, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel, said.
8  General Topics / TeleCom News / TATA DoCoMo to Launch Microsoft Windows Mobile Handsets Soon on: October 29, 2009, 06:25:40 pm
TATA DOCOMO announced their association with Microsoft to launch the new generation Windows Mobile 6.5 smart phones with its GSM mobile service. The first key models will be launched are Acer Be Touch E101 and Acer Neo Touch S200.

Windows Mobile 6.5 smart phones come preloaded with new apps like My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Windows Mobile 6.5 supports rich HTML e-mail, improved Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile programs, and improved security and device management for IT managers. With WIndows Mobile 6.5, customers also get access to apps such as Microsoft My Phone, which allows users to access, manage and back up their personal information on their device to a password-protected Web-based service.


Acer beTouch E101 features 3.2″ Touch screen and scroll wheel, direct link to social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger), instant access to content and applications, customizable home screen, internet on the go and alternative colored battery covers.

Acer Neo Touch features 3.8″ High-definition touch screen display, clear and easy-to-use virtual keyboard, 5 Megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash and VGA video recording, direct link to social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger), 3G+ high speed connectivity and integrated Wi-Fi, assisted GPS and Google Maps with Latitude, Street View, Traffic, POI Search, complete set of productivity applications and automatic wireless and web-based device synchronization

Anil Sardana, managing director, Tata Teleservices Limited stated about these new developments: “This is in keeping with the brand presence and positioning of TATA DOCOMO, which stands for being liberated and relevant.”

Ravi Venkatesan, chairman, Microsoft Corporation added: “Consumers today want to carry their world of information, applications and entertainment wherever they go. A Windows Phone seamlessly moves between work and play, providing the best of both worlds.
9  Tips & Tricks / Mobiles Tricks / Know your reliance or tatadocomo number on: October 29, 2009, 06:05:52 pm
If u don't know the reliance or tatadocomo number,Then just press *1# and call key. This wll show your number.
10  Tips & Tricks / Mobiles Tricks / Hack your Nokia mobile to install other mobile applications(any apps) on: October 29, 2009, 10:42:48 am
Your Mobile must be s60 or higher{v1,v2,...,v5}

Hack your mobile in 24-30 hrs to install other mobile applications
(eg:- after this hack you will be able to njoy N-Gage games on your handset)

What you have to do is post your model no. and IMEI no. of your handset and follow my instruction

I m already njoying N-Gage games on my n73 handset

11  Tips & Tricks / Mobiles Tricks / Make your Laptop Router for your Wi-Fi support Mobiles using broadband conection on: October 28, 2009, 11:41:27 am
Hi friends,
I`ll explain how to browse high speed internet on your wi-fi enabled handset using your laptop`s broadband connection, without requiring a wireless router. This is done by configuring your laptop to behave like a wireless router. And u would be able to browse on your handset throughout your house/flat (even from toilet  :t) with broadband speeds. Follow these simple steps...

Requirements :
1. Any laptop with a wired broadband connection with wi-fi capability, running windows XP/Vista ( steps explained for vista)
2. Any Wi-Fi enabled handset (preferably sony ericsson )

Steps :

On ur laptop :
1. Goto control panel>network and sharing center>manage network connections
2. Make sure Internet Connection Sharing is NOT enabled on your Broadband connection (usually this is your lan adapter). If so then disable it via right click>properties>sharing.
3. Make sure your wireless adapter is set to "Obtain IP address automatically" . If not , configure it by Right clicking on your wireless adapter>properties>TCP/IP V4>properties. Also, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the laptop (usually there is a switch to turn on/off wi-fi)
4. Also make sure Internet Connection Sharing is NOT enabled on your Wireless adapter
5. Goto Control Panel>Network n Sharing Center>Set up a Connection or Network
6. Choose `Set up a wireless Ad-hoc network` and click next
7. Give a name for your wireless network (e.g., `My Hotspot`) Choose security type as WEP (as supported by most handsets) and enter a 5 digit security key.
8. Select `save this network` and click next.... Your wireless access point is now ready to accept close
9.Goto control panel>network and sharing center>manage network connections... Holding Ctrl button, select your broadband connection and wireless adapter connection, right-click and select `Bridge connections`
10. A new connection by name `Network Bridge` wil appear. Now make sure you are able to browse on your laptop.

On ur Wi-Fi handset : ( will explain for Sony ericsson.. I used w995)
1. Turn on Wi-Fi and u ll be able to see a wireless network `My Hotspot`
2. Highlight the network , Goto Options>Edit settings>DNS Address... Enter or any other Dns address that belongs to ur ISP
3. Now CONNECT to the wireless network...
4. Under `Internet settings` and `Streaming settings`(in `Connectivity` menu) , make sure `Allow Local Connection` is turned ON
4. You are done! You should be able to browse at broadband speeds now  Try Youtube or other Streaming videos... they should play instantaneously without any buffering (even on a 256 kbps broadband  )

Next time when u wanna activate hotspot, all u hav to do is to goto control panel>network and sharing center>Connect to a network & double click on `My hotspot`... and u are ready to connect on your mobile

Hope this tutorial helps... Pls give your feedback.
12  GPRS & Internet Spot / GPRS Tricks For All Providers / Reliance GSM free browsing n downloading in PC on: October 28, 2009, 12:44:16 am
Now you can use dotProxy for free surfing and dowloading
To know how? download the attachment
To Download attachments first you have to Register

Image file is also attached so u can easily understand all steps

enjoy free browsing and downloadling
13  General Topics / TeleCom News / Vodafone not planning cut in tariffs for now: CMO on: October 27, 2009, 01:34:09 pm
MUMBAI: Leading telecom service provider, Vodafone Essar, is not planning any aggressive cuts in its tariffs soon, a senior company official said.

"Almost all service providers have cut their rates and it is more like a trend. But we believe in total customer experience which is a combination of various services where price is the base," Vodafone Essar's Chief Marketing Officer, Kumar Ramanathan, told media on the sidelines of the launch of the merchandise of Vodafone's Zoozoo series here today.

The company was also not thinking about another aggressive advertisement campaign soon after the Zoozoo series. "We are not into another campaign soon. Our dog (advertisement) was about the customer care experience and Zoozoo ads are all about value-added services," he said.

Retail major Shopper's Stop and Vodafone Essar together launched the 'Zoozoo' brand merchandise today, which gained high popularity through its attractive advertisements recently.

Top models, Amrit Maghera, Aanchal Kumar, Bruna Abdula, Deepti Gujral, Diandra Soares, Namit Khanna, Niketan Madhok and Sahil Shroff showcased the trendy T-shirts for men and women at a Shopper's Stop outlet at Juhu.
14  General Topics / TeleCom News / BSNL to launch 3G services in Karnataka on: October 27, 2009, 01:18:42 pm
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will be launching 3G (third generation) mobile services in Karnataka by mid-November this year, according to BSNL general manager (Broadband) Anil Jain.

The public services provider has an installed capacity of 200,000 connections which it plans to fill up by the end of this fiscal.
15  General Topics / TeleCom News / Govt bans import of CDMA mobiles without unique number on: October 27, 2009, 01:15:05 pm
The government has banned import of CDMA mobile phones that lack unique electronic serial number and mobile equipment identifier, which help authorities identify and track users.

“Import of CDMA mobile phones without Electronic Serial Number(ESN)/Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) or with all Zeroes as ESN / MEID is prohibited with immediate effect,” the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said in a notification.
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